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Status Updates

2008-08-10 13:18:54 by neon8100

Okay so, I've been indecisive for a couple of months now and at the moment i'm working on two projects, from now on i'm going to start documenting when i start projects so that i can see myself how long i have spent on them.

Stick Wizard Wars 3 - David Survived!!
Its about 50% of the way finished, I'm currently working on the fight scene, I'm adding in voices this time around, its one heck of a progression from the others let me tell you! I'm really persuing to get this finished by the end of summer. So fingers crossed.

SimSedan- OMG A Game.
This is a project i'm working on and off, its really a progression for me in the terms of actionscripting and design, i've learnt a hell of a lot in the past few months, it was like an epiphany or something? Anyway i'll keep you posted on that one.

So stick wizard wars three is round the corner.. Its sooooo close... The picture is an image of david lying down, recovering from his K.O.

Status Updates


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