Accidents Happen 2

2009-07-25 03:04:35 by neon8100

Accidents Happen 2, The Sequel to my crappy original. Is finally out. It's taken me three years to actually bother to work on the thing and come up with a sequel and it's finally off my plate and finished. So i suggest you go check it out and vote 5.

I'm now going to move onto different things in flash hopefully than my usual stick figure outlet. But i need a few days to recover from working my ass off to get Accidents Happen 2 finished.

So go take a look at it... Then take a look at my website...

Content Is Harder

2009-05-15 07:02:13 by neon8100

Content is alot harder to generate when your better at flash. It's because you want to make everything look perfect!

I'm still not as good as some of the amazing artists you'll find on this site, but I'm glad to say I've improved since beggining with Flash. I'm currently working on a few projects, the biggest being AH2! Yes. It's actually in production after about 4 Years.

Keep with me and check back to My Blog I update there more frequently than here. But it's nice to be back into doing some real flash work. I'm hoping to produce everything myself for the upcoming project and I'm still deciding over voice acting... It didn't hit off so well with Stick Wizard Wars. But we'll see.

GS Productions has just released its first webcomic strip. They're all gonna be pretty similar involving me and lemminglord somehow. So check our site every now and then.

Also the progress of Simserdan is coming along quite nicely, i should be able to release an aplha or a demo here on newgrounds..

Watch this space for some screenshots... I'll post again soon-ish.

Stick Wizard Wars 3 is Complete

2008-09-09 02:36:39 by neon8100

I've finished it and its got everything that it needs, but barely anyone has left comments or anything.. :(
Ah well.
Heres the link for you guys. ew/459057

I'm now moving on to sim serdan which with time should really progress, its still got a long way to go though. I'll start posting more news posts so keep checking back!

Status Updates

2008-08-10 13:18:54 by neon8100

Okay so, I've been indecisive for a couple of months now and at the moment i'm working on two projects, from now on i'm going to start documenting when i start projects so that i can see myself how long i have spent on them.

Stick Wizard Wars 3 - David Survived!!
Its about 50% of the way finished, I'm currently working on the fight scene, I'm adding in voices this time around, its one heck of a progression from the others let me tell you! I'm really persuing to get this finished by the end of summer. So fingers crossed.

SimSedan- OMG A Game.
This is a project i'm working on and off, its really a progression for me in the terms of actionscripting and design, i've learnt a hell of a lot in the past few months, it was like an epiphany or something? Anyway i'll keep you posted on that one.

So stick wizard wars three is round the corner.. Its sooooo close... The picture is an image of david lying down, recovering from his K.O.

Status Updates